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Parking wars only get worse as students increase


By Austin Metz
Editor In Chief

With GRCC’s enrollment over 18,000 students for the winter semester, students will find it more difficult to park. Bob Murray, who works in the Bostwick parking structure, pointed out that between the two ramps on campus, there is just over 1,700 parking spots.

Alex is one GRCC student who has found the parking on campus a challenge. “My class starts at 11:30 a.m. but I have to get here by 10:30 a.m. to get a spot,” he said. “I have to wait up to 45 minutes just to get into the ramp.”
Travis Klinge has found himself in a similar situation. “I wait around 30 minutes a day to park. I just wish there was more free parking on the streets for students.”

While the low number of parking spaces has proven to be an issue, Murray pointed out other problems students deal with.

“The biggest complaint I hear from students is the lack of parking on the top,” said Murray. “The clearance down below is only 6’4” and some cars really can’t fit under that. The other big complaint I hear is the double parking that always happens.”

“It’s the worst in the first two weeks,” said Alex. “It’s getting better.”

While many students had ideas about how to fix the situation, one answer kept coming up.

“I don’t even know if it’s feasible (to expand) at this location but it’s obvious that something needs to change,” said student John Trombley.

Another suggestion was for off-campus parking with shuttle service. “It makes sense for the environment,” explained Brandon Bailey. “Cars are just sitting here letting gases into the air.”

This option is however taking place and is mentioned on www.grcc.edu under parking. The DASH lot is located in downtown Grand Rapids and GRCC reserves 500 spots to allow students to park for a yearly cost with guaranteed daily parking spots.

For $160, GRCC students can guarantee themselves a parking spot near campus with a free shuttle to campus. For a student taking classes three days a week for all thirty weeks (two semesters), parking in the ramp at $2.50 a day would total $225 for a year. Other options for students include the meters on the streets around town and also the free parking on the streets around campus. The other lot GRCC makes available to students is located behind the music center. For more parking options around GRCC, visit their website at www.grcc.edu and search for “Parking.”

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