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Artists display their interpretations of time


By Devin Brown
Photo Editor

Devin Brown / Collegiate

The Collins Art Gallery has once again changed gears. The new exhibit in the gallery, entitled “Repercussions: Tides & Time,” takes a look at ways 16 contemporary artists document time and runs from February 14 to March 18.

In a statement, curator of this exhibition Alex Emmons said, “By creating this exhibition instead of producing my own artwork, I gained the opportunity to explore how my colleges and fellow artists define their depictive methods to capture their final pictures.”

Each of the works take a different approach to the concept of showing time.

Devin Brown / Collegiate

Jason Urban’s “Desktop Mountaintop”,

comprised of four stacks of six cardboard office boxes that together form a mural of a mountain with each of the 24 photos taken at a different time, seems to capture just one moment in time but actually captures two dozen individual moments.

Another work in the exhibition is “Everyday” by Byron Wolfe.  “Everyday” is a project that consists of 365 photographs taken daily throughout one year. Wolfe’s photographs share the small details of everyday life from his point of view, giving viewers a look through his eyes.

The Collins Art Gallery is located on the fourth floor of the Main Building.

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