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Athlete Profile: Dominique Gordon – Basketball


By Dana Mate
Collegiate Staff Writer

“Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are foot prints on the moon.”

This anonymous quote, one of Dominique Gordon’s favorites, boasts just how high the sophomore guard aims.

“If I could do something besides basketball I would probably start a Hip Hop /R&B radio station in Grand Rapids,” Gordon said. “I’m a very energized person on and off the court.”

Although big bold dreams like this are cliché for people her age, the determination in her eyes makes Gordon’s statement more of a probability than phony prophecy.

Joining the team late in the season due to team injuries and ineligibility, Gordon has quickly made an impact on the court. A breakout scorer against rival Muskegon Community College on January 14 she led the team to overtime but nearly took the win after missing a three pointer in the final second of the game. She has since continued to strive for team victory and presses constantly for team unity, saying her teammates have come to know her by her dedication. Her effort to pull the Lady Raiders out of their slump is due in part to her respect and commitment to her coaches and team.

“I love my coaches,” Gordon said. “They have so much knowledge on how the game is supposed to be played. They’re patient and help every player turn their weakness into a strength.”

This patience is exactly what encourages Gordon to succeed on and off court, and is something she is very familiar with thanks to her great family dedication. Her on court success has warranted attention from both her immediate and extended family, making her the proud conversation point of her relatives.

The 2009 graduate of Ottawa Hills High School is just as devoted to her family as they are to her and tries to spend as much time with them as possible by watching movies and goofing around. Although her family is a top priority, Gordon tries to give maximum attention to her Yorkie puppy named Baby.

After acquiring her associates degree at GRCC Gordon plans to transfer to Georgia State University and get her bachelor’s in Computer Science. Barely able to keep still, the energized 19 year old has high hopes for the future and the motivation to follow through.


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