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Packers bring the Lombardi Trophy Home


The Green Bay Packers don’t need Brett Favre. In a 31-25 win over the Pittsburg Steelers, Aaron Rodgers took home the Super Bowl ring and MVP award giving the Packers their fourth Super Bowl title and 13th NFL championship.

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Rodgers threw 304 yards including a 29-yard touchdown pass to receiver Jordy Nelson, and placing his passes just inches over his receivers outstretched hands for three touchdowns.

The Packers started the game with the first touchdown and after just 24 seconds scored again and stayed in the lead for the entirety of the game. Against the No. 2 ranked defense in the league, the Packers defense showed their dominance with two interceptions.

At the half they lost team leader and 2009 NFL Defensive Player of the Year Charles Woodson to a fractured collarbone, Sam Shields to a shoulder injury and Donald Driver to an ankle sprain. The Super Bowl was the icing on the cake for a season riddled with injuries for the Packers.

The Steelers made a late run, in just four plays they drove 60 yards and were in sight of narrowing the deficit in the third quarter.

The Packers however found their footing and used reserves Pat Lee and Jarrett Bush. Nelson filled the remaining time with nine receptions for 140 yards.

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Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger nailed a 118 passer rating once Driver was out of the picture, but it wasn’t enough to get him the ring, or the MVP title.

Although the Steelers lost the game something should be said for the 400 fans who lost their seats due to unsafe conditions. A total of 1,250 seats were considered unsafe just hours before kickoff leaving people without seats but the offer of a refund at three times each of the ticket’s face value from the league.

The national anthem however could not be refunded after Christina Aguilera revised the lyrics.

The Vince Lombardi Trophy finally comes home to Green Bay for the first time since 1997.


  1. Dear Favre Haters,

    I did not realize that a college newspaper could be biased when it comes to sports, especially when the team is not even in the same state. It has been three seasons since Brett Favre has played with the Green Bay Packers. Starting the article out to “The Green Bay Packers don’t need Brett Favre” shows a lack of professional journalism. After three long years, shouldn’t the days of comparing Aaron Rodgers to Favre be over? Rodgers may have gotten Superbowl MVP but we have yet to see three AP MVP awards like that of Favre. (Referring to the picture caption in the printed edition.)

    To take a shot at Brett Favre in this article not only is ignorant but also degrades from the hard work that this Green Bay Packer team put into the season. We are looking at two completely different teams from 2007 to 2010, not just different quarterbacks.

    Do not disregard the great feats Favre accomplished in his tenure at Green Bay, just because he has been caught up in the media. Do not forget he did win 3 MVP titles and holds practically every record in the book. Rodgers is a great quarterback and has a great future ahead of him in the league. But please keep the comparisons to Favre to when Rodgers has played for 20 years as well, and when he can also be compared to other great quarterbacks such as Marino, and Elway.

    There will only be one Brett Favre. Don’t try to replace him.


    Sarah Johnson
    Die Hard Packer Fan
    Die Hard Favre Fan


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