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Broadcasting needed at GRCC


By Jessica Beswick
Collegiate Staff Writer

As a student in my second year studying communications here at Grand Rapids Community College, I feel that my education could have been improved by having the opportunity to practice my skills first hand. The communications department would be very improved by adding a broadcasting program that offers students a hands on experience working in their desired field.

Courtesy of MCT

There are several classes that offer students a look at what broadcast communications has to offer, such as JR 256 Broadcast Journalism and JR 266 Fundamentals of Public Relations. These classes let students practice some skills that they will need upon getting a job in the broadcasting field. Students would benefit from having a student run broadcast program that lets them truly put their skills to the test.

“It would be good if we had a student ran organization that let students get involved with radio and television, it would let them get involved prior to getting a job,” said Whitney VanOeveren, a dual-enrolled student from Kenowa Hills High School.

GRCC has the equipment that is required in order to create a broadcasting program, I along with other students, wonder why there isn’t anything offered for us yet. Upon recently talking to Raul Alvarez the new Communications Director, he expressed his interest in the concept of creating a student run broadcasting program such as a television or radio station.

This kind of program would generate lots of excitement throughout the student and teacher population, and could give people a chance to get involved.

“If GRCC had a broadcast television station I would be very interested in watching it because it is people my own age and could possibly even be people I know and I would be very interested in hearing from them what is going on in the community,” said VanOeveren.

GRCC would stand out as a community college by adding a student broadcasting program. If would attract more students to the program and would bring attention to student produced

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