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Students find it difficult to transfer credits


By Austin Metz
Editor In Chief

GRCC students looking to transfer to a four-year college in the pursuit of an education degree may now find it difficult to transfer credits.

“We are having so many problems with Grand Valley State,” said Rebecca Brinks, Head of the Education department at GRCC. “They just re-did their program and some classes aren’t transferring anymore for credit in their education program.”

There are a variety of classes that GRCC offers that students will find difficult to transfer.

Classes like Ed 200 Introduction to Education, BI 101 E General Biology and other science classes have become increasingly difficult to transfer.

One class however, will not transfer at all for a major in Education.

“It started this year,” said Brinks. “Our EN 250 Children’s Literature just doesn’t transfer for credit anymore.”

She explained that the reason behind Grand Valley no longer accepting these credits in their education program is due to the change in their curriculum.

This means that while most students who are pursuing a degree in elementary education look to acquire a double minor, Grand Valley requires students to pursue an education major.

Dr. Linda McCrea, Director of Teacher Education, explained that the state has now changed the standards and requirements for the program.

“The College of Education based on new state of Michigan standards and expectations, needed to redesign its program requirements,” she said.

“The redesign process began in 2007 and was finalized in 2009 with state approval,” she explained.

Students looking to transfer can find information about class transferability in the GRCC catalog and at the GVSU website.

One concept that makes elementary education different from other majors is that students need to know not only what they want to do but also what they want to teach.

“In elementary education, it’s important to take classes that help students figure out where they want to teach and where they then want to transfer,” she explained.

“It’s my hope that we can work it out,” said Brinks, who offered advice for education students at GRCC.

“The best way to deal with this is to talk to your transfer schools as soon as possible,” she said. “The earlier a student knows what they want to teach and where they want to transfer, the better off they are.”

“If students talk to their transfer schools early then they will know what credits will transfer and what other things are required for that school.”

Brinks explained that on top of needing certain classes, some schools require students to have a certain amount of volunteer hours on top of in-classroom hours.

One frustration Brinks shared was with the way GVSU has been handling the diversity side of the problem.

“They do a lot of advertising in Detroit but if they would just work through us, they would get a much more diverse group,” she said.

Steps have been taken to correct the problem and Brinks feels that change is coming.

“We are starting to talk to GVSU,” explained Brinks. “They are aware of the problem so I certainly hope changes will be made.”

Students looking for information transferring and guidance can contact the Counseling department at GRCC located on the third floor of the Student Center.

For more information, visit the Collegiate website at www.thecollegiatelive.com for a list of numbers and links to transfer guides.

  • In the print edition, the photo caption on page 2 referred to eight students who received the Teachers of Tomorrow scholarships. The correct number of students that received this scholarship is actually 14.
  • Students looking to transfer to four-year schools will find that GRCC now has an excellent articulation agreement with Ferris State that allows students easy transferring. Another school that provides easy transferring is Western Michigan University.

The Collegiate would like to apologize for the errors in the article and hope that these corrections are helpful to students. For more information about transferring to four-year schools, students can visit

http://www.grcc.edu/departments/service/counseling/counseling.html or schedule an appointment with a counselor at 616-234-3900.

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