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GRCC police offer helpful services


By and Brittany Giguere
Collegiate Staff Writer

25 Lyon Street. What does this address mean to you as a student? To many, it means safety and security. This is the address of the GRCC Police Department.

When we think of county police, we think of people who are there to keep citizens safe and give them tickets. But the campus police have a greater role in the college community.

As far as concern for the student population goes, there are many services provided by campus police. According to the Campus Police page on the GRCC website, emergency messages are sent out to students informing them of crimes that have occurred. There is motorist assistance, which is a service that provides help to student having car troubles. The personal escort service is provided for students who would like  peace of mind while walking in the dark. These are just a few of the services offered here on campus.

We think these are great services, and the GRCC students are very fortunate to have such a caring police department crew. These really are not things the department has to provide. It is only with the well being of the students in mind that would cause us to receive announcements informing us of recent crimes on campus.
It seems that police are almost going out of their way to offer motorist assistance.

The police really do not have to help students jump their cars or assist them if they were locked out, but they do. They do it because they care.

For the campus police to escort people in the dark upon request is done to help prevent crimes while also showing how caring the police really can be for the students.

Aside from the services, the police statistics provided were also impressive. Lieutenant Harold Woolsworth of the Campus Police provided the information stating that out of the 14 crime categories, 5 have increased and 9 have decreased between 2010 and 2011. This makes is seem that they are doing something right.

It’s a reassuring feeling to know that people who go above and beyond the normal expectations of a police officer are the ones who protect the students of GRCC.


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