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Club variety worth exploring


By Emily Purwin

Collegiate Staff Writer

Students at GRCC should become more open-minded towards other religious and cultural groups in order to be more accepting of other people

We, as students, should attend religious and cultural clubs so we can become more understanding of those around us.

As of now, GRCC has numerous clubs and organizations. “Center for Inquiry,” “African Student Organization,” and “Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship” all encourage examination of religion and other cultural topics.

Also, you are able to sign up for classes that discuss World Religion (HU 281) and the philosophy of numerous religions. Exploring the ideals of these classes may allow you to look at others in a more understanding sense and be able to learn more about the diverse cultures of our huge community.

The “Muslim Student Association” is an example of another club on campus. Any Muslim student is welcome, as well as anyone who wants to know more about the Muslim religion. It helps students learn about the faith more in-depth, while seeing the difference of perceptions between the actual religion and what is shown in the media.

Other clubs, such as “International Student Organization,” “Native American Organization,” and “Hispanic Organization” are also important to the student body. The clubs available allow students to gain knowledge of the origins and teachings from prehistoric to modern religions and cultures, not only in our community, but also across the spectrum of humanity.

Having religion and culturally based clubs, students are able to talk with each other, which may then remove peoples’ natural boundaries between other societies. I think that it is easier for the students to learn based on firsthand experience, rather than to be addressed to in a class setting.

Religion, based upon societal norms, is something that “shouldn’t be talked about.” With knowing that, we, as a student body, are more apt to judges others, because we do not know the true meaning behind other religions. If you choose to explore these clubs, or at least these other outlooks, we can possibly change so many of these misunderstandings or negative thoughts.








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