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Some consider graffiti art…


Justin Dawes
Opinion Editor

Lately, I’ve been hearing all this fuss about graffiti on the bathroom stalls and throughout the campus.

Some would say it’s a petty act of vandalism and childish beyond belief, but others would say it’s art, and I have to say these people are completely accurate. I know when I walk into a bathroom and see someone’s artistic expression of “crazy bitches” on the stall door, I think, “Now that is definitely something I would want on my living room wall.”

Graffiti is a form of art that is greatly misunderstood. These people are just trying to express themselves as artists and poets. Did anyone question DaVinci’s canvas or medium as he painted the Mona Lisa? No, so the graffiti artists should not have to be questioned either. The fact that they are defacing school’s property should not be the issue.

Has anyone thought of looking at the deeper meaning behind the expressions? Think about the words,  “I have the power.” They are inspirational, and they’re in a pretty color. This reaches into my soul in a way I cannot explain. It’s poetry like this that helps me to see GRCC students in a new light.

Besides the examples of up and coming artistic and literary talent among our very own student population, if you look closely, you can learn important information about the social life here at GRCC. Every so often, I walk with excitement to the bathroom, where I can learn who the slut of the week is.

I would say that instead of ridiculing and incriminating the free spirited artists, we should be thanking them. They provide students with enlightenment, make the boring bathroom stalls full of pretty colors and sayings and cute little pictures, and they give us something to read while we’re on the toilet.

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