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Austin Metz
Editor in Chief

Sometimes there is more to a great rock album than the screaming guitar solos, rolling drum beats and powerful, over the top singing.

In an album like “Tommy” by The Who, while it does have all the above, it also tells a complex and fully developed story.

Also known as a rock opera, the album tells the story of a young boy named Tommy. As the album goes from song to song, the story develops about a boy who has been diagnosed as blind, deaf and dumb and tells how he progresses through life’s problems and shows the transformation he goes through.

While I could write an entire blog telling you the whole story, I want you to go out and listen to it yourself.

Tommy’s value revolves around not only the lyrics and storytelling, but also the musical talents the band possessed. Lead by Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, Keith Moon and John Entwistle, the four quickly became known for playing music louder than anyone else.

The live shows the band played became legendary for the crazy antics Moon, Townshend and Daltrey performed. Ranging from whipping the microphone to smashing guitars and drum sets, crowds never knew what to expect.

In this album, there are so many more sounds than simply the guitars, drums and voices. By using keyboards and voice-overs to complement the standard instruments, the many layers just add to the beauty of the album.

Although the band could have settled with simply producing one of the top rock albums of all-time, the band decided to develop it into a stage show and also a fully-produced movie.

To be honest, the acting in the movie is terrible but it does help listeners place a picture with the lyrics.

I don’t recommend you go out and rent the movie or see the show “Tommy,” but I would recommend taking some time to meet the Pinball Wizard, his crazy Cousin Kevin, his lover Sally Simpson and everyone else involved in this wild story.

You won’t be sorry!

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