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Editorial: GRCC food bank will be helpful


World hunger has reared its ugly head at Grand Rapids Community College affecting students as well as student athletes.

The Collegiate article on page one, “College fights student hunger,” mentioned that GRCC is starting a food bank to combat hunger on campus.

With the recent changes to the Bridge Card, also known as food stamps, the ability for students to get free food has become increasingly more difficult leading some students to go without food.

The main change that has occurred with the Bridge Card revolves around the need for all recipients to work 20 hours a week to be eligible. In the past, all it took was to be a college student in order to qualify.

Although this change doesn’t affect some, making employment a must has added pressure for the thousands around Grand Rapids and Michigan who are still unemployed.

With unemployment rates at 11.1 percent as of September 2011, forcing students to have to find a job has become a daunting task.

This is where the importance of a Grand Rapids Community College food bank comes in.

The college needs to show that it cares not only for the students at the college but also for the people of the surrounding community.

The role of a college is continuously changing, but the one aspect that will never change is for colleges to give students the tools needed to be successful.

A key tool to being successful is the ability to come to class well nourished and ready to focus on the tasks at hand. The food bank is exactly what the college should be doing and it’s time the word gets out.

Students need to be aware that this is out there. The college needs to do everything it can to spread the word to students and the surrounding community and this includes advertising as well as the proper funding needed to fill the shelves.

The college uses money everyday for items that don’t directly affect the students. A food bank will touch many lives and the college needs to take it upon itself to help in any way possible.

No student at Grand Rapids Community College should ever be forced to come to class or go to bed hungry.

While not all students will need the aid of the food bank, giving students as well as those in the surrounding community the option will show that Grand Rapids Community College cares not only for its students but also those around the community who are in need.

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