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IT department is moving


By Scott Arkovitz
Collegiate Staff Writer

GRCC’s Information Technology department is making a move to the north wing of DeVos Campus otherwise known as Sneden Hall from their current location under the Bostwick parking ramp, according to Erich Flynn Network Analyst.

“The primary reason for the move is to bring our work units together and to consolidate all of the IT staff,” Flynn said. “There are two moves going on. One move is for all the personnel and the other is moving our whole data center.”

What does this mean for students?

“Response time for technical support will actually get better,” Flynn said. “We have been supporting both campuses for over a year now, and following the move there will be more room for our workstations.”

“Not many students even knew about our previous location,” Flynn said. “At our new location we will be in a building where there are classes, so we can actually interact with students and faculty and hopefully be more helpful to them.”

Nothing will change as far as getting in contact with the IT department according to Flynn. The physical location has changed but the process of seeking technical support remains the same.

“We used to have offices all over the place, now we’re just all in the same place, which helps us be more organized, which hopefully will help us better serve the college,” Flynn said.

Students with any technology problems can still call 234-HELP for technical support, or stop by the 1st floor of the north wing of the DeVos campus for face-to-face help.

“The new office has a much more visitor-friendly layout,” Flynn said. “The basement of a parking ramp is much less appealing.”



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