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NBA cancels regular season games due to lockout


Sports Analysis by Eric Walsh
Collegiate Staff Writer

Right around this time, NBA fans were supposed to get ready for the Dallas Mavericks to defend their NBA Championship crown, but with a league wide lockout that has been ongoing since July, that seems to be out of the picture for the time being.

The NBA’s 2011 season was set to kick off on November 1st, but all games through November have been cancelled by league commissioner David Stern.

There is still a chance the season could be salvaged, but according to reports by CBSSportsline.com, that appears to be unlikely. Ken Berger reports that after two and a half years of negotiating, the owners and players are now stuck at a one percent difference of revenue sharing (51% to 49%).

Don’t expect to see the Detroit Pistons anytime soon, as the two sides appear to be at a stopping point.

The two key issues contributing to this lockout are the aforementioned revenue sharing issue, and the structure of the salary cap.

“We understand the ramifications of where we are,” NBA deputy Adam Silver said during a recent interview with ESPN, “We’re saddened on the behalf of the game.”

This is not the first lockout fans have had to endure this year, as fear swept through the nation in anticipation of an NFL lockout.

The league was able to reach a collective bargaining agreement in the knick of time, and only had to cancel one preseason game.

The NBA, however, is unlikely to be as fortunate.

The odds of an 82 game regular season are diminishing by the day, and it appears unlikely that fans will see their favorite teams get back to the hardwood.

But optimism is key. There is still some hope that we’ll see the Pistons in action this year, it just depends on if the player’s union and owners can find common ground and give the fans what they want.

If the two sides fail to reach a deal, well, there’s always college basketball.

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