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New business chapter unveiled at GRCC


By Heather Russo
Collegiate Staff Writer

GRCC students now have the opportunity to advance in business and win scholarships through competitions with the new Business Professionals of America (BPA). Students can choose from 72 different areas to compete in.

The competitions are held at a national level with help GRCC members, including BPA Advisor Peg Schoenborn. Schoeborn is an instructor in the business department, who helps the students with preparation for the competitions. Students at GRCC will “Gain recognition for mastery of various business and technology skill sets,” Schoeborn said.

Students involved in BPA will be competing in the Michigan chapter March 22-25 of next year. Upon succeeding, they will move to a higher level. “Members have many travel opportunities with BPA.”

The BPA program is present in 17 states and has existed for 40 years. Several colleges are in Michigan are involved in BPA, including Ferris State University and Central Michigan University.

Anyone interested in joining BPA has until December 1, and should contact Peg Schoeborn.

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