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On-campus theft up for Fall 2011


By Emily Purwin
Collegiate Staff Writer

Since the beginning of the fall semester, reports of theft have increased 13 percent on campus, said Lt. Harold Woolworth of the GRCC Police Department, through an e-mail interview.

Last year, the department received 40 reports, while this year they received 45.

This was just during the first month of fall classes, Woolworth said. Although this number is low, it is a significant increase.

“It’s mostly been book bags and books that are left unattended or not secured,” said Woolworth as he described items that are being stolen the most.

GRCC student Kathy Debus said, “I left my headphones out on a table with my books. I went to go grab a snack, and when I came back, they were gone.”

Woolworth said that most of the stolen property was GRCC students’ items that were stolen because of carelessness.

“Students leave their belongings unattended or not secure,” Woolworth said.

A large number of the thefts have taken place in the Bostwick Parking Ramp.

Police believe it’s because it is the largest of the ramps and has more ways to exit after a theft has taken place, Woolworth said.

“In the ramp, thieves don’t have to work as hard,” Woolworth said. “The majority of the vehicles are left unlocked and the merchandise that is taken was left out in plain view.”

Stereo system parts, books, bags and cell phones are the easiest to steal when a vehicle door is simply left unlocked, Woolworth said.

Reports of thefts have also been reported in the Ford Fieldhouse.

Police believe it’s because criminals can see into the lockers to view belongings and can also see if the locker is unlocked, Woolworth said.

Students can prevent these crimes.

“Secure your items when you can’t have them with you. Don’t leave things in plain view when you leave your vehicle,” Woolworth said. “Don’t leave your things unattended for even a minute.”

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