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Gamma Ethel’s Kettles a-boilin! (Filthy 40 Ouncers, Julio Gomez, Doctors’ Wives, Nobunny – Ethel Street House Show)


By “Cryptic Josh” Villaire
Collegiate Staff

In case the new flesh ain’t so familiar a house show takes place at a REAL house(usually in the basement) in REAL time(usually later than what it says on the flier).  Many punkers and partiers in Grand Rapids and elsewhere have an unspoken agreement that shows like this are the cat’s pajamas and rival anything the typical venue can churn out…

…Well, I hadn’t stuck my hound’s teeth into a moistened and sweat-soaked basement in a hot toddy, and that’s where I find my hot soda or at least a warm beer  or three.  This show fell in GR’s lap like a writhing lazy-eyed eel from Frisco.  I was switched on to see Doctors’ Wives live, the locked and loaded lady screamers that fight like men but rock even better!  I knew they would be the supreme match in hell for an out of town wonder like Herr Nobunny!  I thought, “Wow! Nice line-ups! I haven’t  seen that concept pushed enough!”

The filthy 40’s, what can I say?  Besides 40 ounces of spite, I am willing to bet that there are 40 ounce bands out there, and communicated the copy-cat mentality that their recycled name entailed beautifully.  Pretty samey, strainy sludge – it made me feel constipated, with its thuddy repetition, I had to go outside and knead my belly with the parlor tricks Chad taught me for proper bowel movements.

After the torture was over, Julio Gomez mounted the stage with Sam from Skeleton Party, and I was really psyched at how their so-called quickly sketched together pop punk didn’t make me want to swallow lead – they were honest and brash, I got the gist from their mist, and dug the vox and picking style.  This was my first time eyeing Julio and his emotional outcry pouring out among his many snakes of hair is quite a seething pleasure.

Despite the total blackness that a couple of fascist youth insisted we bathe in the whole night, I was prodded on by the hodge-podge odors of our collective sweat, and the crowds mounting excitement to see Doctors’ Wives.  Thankfully I caught their untamed essence on glorious night vision camera, and I plan on mounting that on Youtube soon as I learn how!  With all the manic monkeys turning green and blue for these gals it was hard to hold the camera steady I’ll tell you that!  They tore into the crowd and did it proud, their new style is faster than ever, splitting through ice and the ninth gate with hits like “Evil Twin”, and “Lady Shrink” at double-plus speed!  It was really a sight to capture, Tiffany was shredding her axe with the fury of a Gorgon Queen that feeds on her dying victim!  Bridget on bass made a lasting impression with bass lines that burned the retina like a magnified Polaroid, and Lena looked sinister on drums in the mirrors reflection which was the only way I was gonna see around this whole mess of folks.  Through the looking glass I glimpsed Lena shredding her drums with a type writer’s terror and accuracy, chasing thoughts like ghosts down Kafkaesque alleyways.  The face-flushed people made a body thrash and thrust to each bent note, and I believe that Doctors’ Wives brought them to a frothy ferment just in time for Nobunny, who jumped our midnight train and moulded our psyches afterwards.

Chasing the crowd like a snake-charmer in leather jacket and undies, he smashed his hairy frame against the concrete ceiling and pipes as if he were already lost in our collective lower intestines!  He rocked harder than Pyramid Scheme, and better yet I think had the full original line-up!  It was rad to have his band of rats back in GR again!  That night was one of the best basement show I went to, we were intimate as bed-bugs and vermin in this Michigan basement, meeting old and new fiends and friends alike.  Lets hope the tradition continues.

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