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Police Reports – 12/7/2011


by Austin Metz


9/19/11 – A male and female student had a disagreement in a classroom and also in a hallway while on campus. The male student ended up striking the female student after she hit him. No charges have been filed.

Suspicious Situation

10/26/11 – A man who was looking for his brother approached a female faculty member while she was in her office. The man was asked if he wanted to leave the student a message to which he said he did. The man then spit on the faculty member’s desk and walked about of the office. The man was advised not to return to the campus.


11/17/11 – A faculty member collapsed while teaching a class at GRCC. Police and ambulances were called and the man was taken to the hospital for additional testing.


11/21/11 – A student reported a laptop stolen while he was on campus. The student had put it in a locker but left it unlocked. When he returned, the laptop was gone.


11/29/11 – While doing a patrol, a campus police officer found an octopus painted on a wall. No suspects.


11/30/11 – A woman rolled her ankle while walking on GRCC’s campus. Police were called but the lady declined medical attention and was helped to her car.

Smoking Violation

11/30/11 – GRCC police witnessed a man smoking while on GRCC’s campus. The man said he did know that GRCC was a smoke-free campus, so police issued him a non-compliance ticket and informed the man of the proper places to smoke while on campus.

Damage to Property

12/1/11 – One of the parking ramp gate arms appeared to have been manually lifted causing structural damage. The attendant said she left for a moment and the arm had been in its proper position. No suspects.

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