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Skyrim because Dragons!


By Josh Compaan

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has garnished nearly perfect scores in all of the reviews. It is the first western game to ever get a perfect 40/40 from Famitsu (a Japanese game review). With all of the hype around it, I caved in and spent my Thanksgiving break slaying dragons, hunting trolls, felling giants and doing whatever I very well please.

Graphics wise, Skyrim is a masterpiece. I am blown away by the beauty of the landscape. The details on the trees, rocks, weapons and other characters in the game absolutely floors me. To top this off, Bethesda Studios (the developer of Skyrim) tweaked some of their settings so that even slower computers with older graphics cards could still enjoy the game on medium or high settings. I am still awe struck every time I see a dragon soaring through the skies by a mountain in the distance.

Graphics are not the only thing that Skyrim does well. The gameplay of Skyrim is the smoothest of any RPG I have played lately. A player can choose any combat tree and be successful. Whether you are a warrior, mage or thief there is no wrong choice. My only issue is that on occasion the pathing of enemies is very poor. This allows for someone with a bow to chip away and defeat enemies that have gotten stuck on a rock or chair.

Lastly, the story of Skyrim is immersive. The entire game progresses on one primary story-line, but that does not mean that you must always pursue this story. There are hundreds of smaller stories that shape your character and how others view you. There is always something to do and it’s always well thought through and entertaining!

My only complaint is that the dungeons feel somewhat copied and pasted. After spending nearly 30 hours in the game, the dungeons are losing some of their appeal. I wish that there was more variation in the enemies and dungeon skins, but this is far from a major issue.

Skyrim is a must play and is available on X-Box 360, Playstation 3, PC and Mac.

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