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Some have no time for extra curricular activities


By Abigail Schantz

Collegiate Staff Writer

We all remember when crowds of students were attracted to the lines of booths positioned in Bostwick Commons, the booths representing the clubs and organizations at Grand Rapids Community College. “There are so many activities going around GRCC. It would be nice to get more involvement from students,” said Tonja Lofton, President of Student Congress.

Grand Rapids Community College puts together events in which students can participate, yet the outcome is so small. The GRCC football and volleyball team would be an example of this. The football team was ranked number three in NJCAA polls and had an undefeated record of 11-0.  It was an incredible season, but there were barely any fans or supporters to help cheer the team on.  The GRCC volleyball team, who were the regional champions and ranked 12 in the NJCAA polls, also had just a few fans there to root them on.

“GRCC Welcome Week,” on the other hand, had a lot of students participate in the activities and give-a-ways. Why can we not have that participation throughout the school year? “It’s hard to get involved with a college when you live 20 miles away and not on campus,” said Tara Kendall, a sophomore at GRCC. “Besides, I don’t plan on being at GRCC long. It’s just my stepping stone to my four year college.”

GRCC is a community college that is a lot different than four-year universities where students live on campus. Perhaps because students have to commute to school and back home, they simply come here just for class.

I, for example, am taking 18 credit hours and do not have time after school to spend at GRCC. Also, my classes are back to back, not allowing a break to participate in GRCC activities.

Being involved with your college can be beneficial, but most students go to class and then go home or to work. Students at GRCC tend to come and go, unlike students who attend a university.

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