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Tim Hiskes: student, athlete, teacher


By Emily Purwin
Collegiate Staff Writer

“I loved the game, so I started playing,” said second year GRCC tennis player and enthusiast, Tim Hiskes.

He started playing tennis when he was in eighth grade, and has seen his rankings constantly improve in both the singles and doubles rankings.

Playing varsity doubles his entire career at South Christian High School, not only did Hiskes win many tournaments, but he was also awarded “All Conference” and “All Area” his senior year.

Hiskes then tried out for the GRCC Men’s Tennis Team. “ The worst part of tryouts is the ‘challenge match’ system,” said Hiskes. “You only play for ten minutes– not an entire match.”

Thanks to all of his hard work and perseverance, Hiskes made the team.

While being on the college team, Hiskes has enjoyed the ability to travel for college tennis and earn a few extra bucks.

Since his life revolves around tennis and staying active, Hiskes is majoring in Physical Education and Health.

Hiskes loves to work out everyday by running or lifting. “I also play basketball for a recreational league,” said Hiskes.

Hiskes puts his skills to good work. “I am a tennis instructor at Watermark Country Club and for ‘In the Zone’ tennis camps,” said Hiskes. “I have a passion for sports, health, and kids,” said Hiskes.

Hiskes loves the game of tennis, even though he suffers from tendonitis in his elbow and has tore a ligament in his right foot in the past. Trips to the trainer have become a daily activity, both on and off season.

As he finishes his last tennis season at GRCC, Hiskes says he always brought a positive attitude to practice and matches. “I always hoped to bring home a few wins for the team.”

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