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Commit to Mitt or is the GOP holding out on us?


Ross L. Pike
News Editor

Commit to Mitt? Though it does have a nice ring to it, I think the GOP has something better to offer the American people and I am quite disappointed. Normally in an election, a political party will put its best candidate up so as to try and win the election. However, the GOP has fallen short in this feat for 2012. In a time when not everybody is pleased with the many accomplishments of President Obama, I must express my shear disappointment with the Republicans in their not offering up a true rockstar… as their sacrificial lamb.

It seems that in doing this, it would mean that they have all but admitted defeat already. I mean, seriously, who have they put up to run against our president with an impressive record and laundry list of accomplishments?

They have offered up a loser [of the 2008 GOP Presidential Race], an OBGYN [who not only isn’t a real Republican but also lost the 2008 GOP Presidential race], a former Senator, a former Speaker of the House, an inflammatory governor of Texas who has already turned off progressives with a single commercial, and a congresswoman who is so far to the right that I am amazed the Party hasn’t disowned her as a fascist. Though she did finally drop out, the latter is worth mentioning simply because of her complete idiotic rhetoric and sentiment towards people who she believed unworthy to breathe apparently.

Mitt Romney has become one of the most famous flip-floppers in politics with a health care plan in Massachusetts that helped provide a model for the Affordable Care Act. He is failing to capture a significant, steady, consistent momentum that will catapult him to victory as a candidate. For cripes sake, he only won the Iowa Caucus by 8 votes. That’s right, not percentage points but votes. Even the Republicans are finding difficulty with putting their faith and finances behind a candidate. However, Steven Colbert said it best in a parody with, “he’s good but not great.”

Then we have Ron Paul who isn’t even a real Republican. He is a Libertarian who participates in the Republican caucus. This alone makes his coming in second in the New Hampshire Primary quite humorous. Does this say something about the Republican Party though when a former gynecologist, who isn’t even a Republican, takes second place in a race to determine who will represent them in the presidential election? It really says something about the GOP when it is possible that Libertarian could win their race. Also, when asked about what he would do if elected, he replied that he doesn’t think he will win. Although, Ron Paul’s commercials are certainly the most entertaining than the others. Check them out at ronpaul.com.

Next we have Rick Santorum, who I would like to thank for two things. Thank you for supporting funding for Planned Parenthood as well as his supporting the belief that states have the right to ban contraception, but shouldn’t. I am so glad that the Republicans have finally found a candidate that supports certain areas of health that are needed. Santorum also opposes Right to Work, which is a step in the right direction for Republicans making efforts to help working Americans.

Finally, we  have Newt Gingrich who has done enough damage to his political life that I don’t think it is necessary for me to help him. Also, why is this former GOP Speaker of the House losing in this race?

Where is a Republican that captures the attention of the far right and moderates find it difficult to hate? Do they have anybody left in their arsenal? Where is the a real GOP Presidential candidate? Why are we being given leftovers from the last election and men who got in this because they miss being in the spotlight? Will the GOP find a person who will provide a real political threat to Democrats? Or will they rely on putting up a candidate with a lot of money behind them? After all, we did just learn that money is speech and you’re allowed to give as much as you want in an election.

Though my vote has already been dedicated to the Democrats who know what they are doing in aiding working families, I am still disappointed with the Republicans. Why have they not put up a candidate who stands a chance? Do they not care about taking back the White House? Why are they unable to come up with their own Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? Are they saving this person for 2016? Why wait? It seems the GOP already knows they have lost and everybody knows we have Hillary ready to go for 2016.


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