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On-campus Job Fair reaches out to all ages


By Lizz Vensas
Collegiate Staff Writer

Students and the general public swarmed the ATC building Wednesday, March 14, in hopes of finding a summer job or permanent employment to help pay off school bills piling up.

“This is the seventh job fair hosted by GRCC,” said Megan Gendron, Intern through Student Employment Offices and event worker. “It provides good networking and accessibility.  A lot of students are looking for work right now.”

The job fair was organized by GRCC’s Student Employment Services office and run by student employees.  This was the first job fair opened up to the general public and it was not necessary to be a student.

Potential employees that entered the building would have a choice of 32 employers, with a diverse selection in vocation. Employers were organized into different sections, with a lot of summer camps and internships on the parking floor.

“We try to group employers, and then it’s just easier for students to find,” Gendron said.

On the first floor GRCC had a booth set up to assist participants with any questions and help direct them.  The room located behind that offered a quiet place to fill out applications at tables.  Refreshments were also provided throughout the day, by the student employment offices.

“We’ve always had a room for students to go and fill out resumes,” said Luanne Wedge, of GRCC’s Student Employment Services.  “It works really well not only for filling out the applications, but also as a quiet place for students and employees to talk.”

This type of employment was ideal for student Antonia Harris.

“I need a summer job,” Harris said. “I go to school full time, so during the summer I need to earn and save up some money.”

Harris enjoyed looking at the diverse variety of employers and had several resumes to fill out after she was done looking.

Other students found interest in the restaurant industry.

Sunni Denbraber, Operations Manager of Branns Catering, came out to find people to help with their busy season.

“A lot of weddings happen in the spring and summer,” Denbraber said.  “We need the extra people around.”

Denbraber said she looks for certain things in her employees.  Not only do they have to have a license, but they also have to be outgoing and know how to make the customers feel welcome.  She was looking to fill mostly weekend summer positions, and is willing to be flexible with a school schedule.

Both Felicia Hardy and Seth Welch found themselves at the Branns table filling out an application and talking with Denbraber about opportunities.

“Originally I was looking for an internship,” Hardy said.  “However I am looking to see if I come across other opportunities as well.”

Seth Welch found out about the Job Fair through blackboard.  He said he desperately needed a job.

“I feel like a bum,” Welch said. “I do go to school, but now I want to earn some money.  I am looking at Branns Catering because I have experience in the restaurant industry.”

The GRCC Job Fair saw about 1,000 participants come through the doorways.  GRCC’s Student Employment Services will continue to provide a place for students and employers to meet up.

Look for the next job fair in the fall of 2012.

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