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Campus theft down for winter semester


By Justin Dawes
Opinion Editor

Though theft is recurring in public places, the number of thefts seems to have decreased around GRCC, said Officer Kaye Newberry.

“I’ve been here for sixteen years, and I feel like thefts have gone down significantly in the past eight to twelve years,” Newberry said. She believes that could be for  a number of reasons.

“We have cameras in almost all the buildings now,” Newberry said. “And I think the police are more vigilant than they were before.” Another reason Newberry thinks there are less thefts is because students are being educated about how thieves at GRCC behave.

“Around here, there are a lot of crimes of opportunity,” Newberry said. “There are a lot of first-time criminals. They see something and they think it will be easy to take.

“Keep your valuables with you,” Newberry said. “Don’t leave them behind. And in the parking lot, don’t keep your valuables in sight. Don’t leave them on the seat of your car.”

Newberry says one of the items most often stolen is books. “Most students don’t realize that books are money,” she said. “So they leave their books for ten minutes, and then they return and don’t know why they’re gone.”

Newberry said most thefts occur in the Ford Field House, and student employee Sarah Clancy can attest to that.

“We’ve had quite a few thefts, mostly because people don’t lock their lockers,” Clancy said. “Our locks don’t work if they’re not locked.” Newberry and Clancy both advise that students need to lock their lockers and take proper precautions to avoid being victims of larceny.

To all the thieves, Newberry has a message. “Think if it happened to you….

“It’s not a lot of money you would be taking. You’re risking a lot for a little.” amount.”


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