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Students ‘punish’ SiTE:LAB


By Stephanie Krings
Photo Editor

This year SiTE:LAB took a walk on the dark side.

Kay Brown was just one of the many students who participated in the unusual event, which took place on Friday the 13th of April at 109 ½ South Division Ave.

“The PO230 class did a ‘Punishment’ theme for the SiTE:LAB event to commemorate the rituals that took place at the Knights of Pythias, a fraternal order about a hundred years ago at the old Harris building,” Brown said.

“A lot of us went in our own directions and had our own interpretations of punishment,” Katie Brennan, a PO230 photographer, said.

The event included a photo exhibit among several other art installations. A two-part play started and stopped in jerks in the enormous ballroom, causing all the visitors to scramble into corners while men wearing Minotaur heads and carrying swords play-acted around the center stage.  Hannah Rose Graves sang a song to soothe their anger (see photo on page one).

“It was a great experience, and learning experience, and I’m grateful to have had it,” Brennan said.



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