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ArtPrize Artists: Dale Techout at the B.O.B.


Name: Dale Techout
Age: Let’s not talk about that
City: Royal Oak, Mich.
Medium: Mixed Medium- Assemblage
Name of Entry: Homage VanGogh
Venue: Bob Parking Lot
1. What was your inspiration?: Van Gogh’s 1889 portrait of himself as well as his life as an artist.
2. How long did this take?: 1 month
3. What was the most challenging part?: Getting the eyes set in the right place.
4. How are people responding to your artwork?: I think people like it once they click that it’s a face. Then they click that its VanGogh.
5. What would you do with the money if you win?: Why even think about it? I’m not in the top 25.

Dale Techout’s piece sits in the B.O.B. parking lot.