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Editorial: Student Congress disbandment a good decision


Only five weeks into the semester, Grand Rapids Community College Student Congress experienced so much contention between executive board members that the student leaders decided to disband the organization.

Infighting so severe that the college administration had to get involved left Student Congress with a poor image before the year really even began.

The trouble started with disagreements that culminated in a recall of the vice president and disciplinary action against the budget director.

This led to a recall of the vice president, who was then attempting to recall the president.

Meanwhile, the budget director became so fed up with the ridiculousness that he sent what were perceived as threatening emails to school administrators and fellow executive board members, leading to his dismissal from the organization as well as a year of probation.

The Student Congress constitution states, “The purpose of this organization shall be to represent the students at Grand Rapids Community College and promote their interests and welfare in the college decision making process.”

The recent actions of some executive board members were the opposite of the expectations outlined in the constitution.

Fortunately for the organization and the student body, the former executive board members came to that realization and chose to disband.

Though it is unfortunate that it came to this point, it was commendable that Student Congress members realized the controversy compromised their ability to lead and took action.

And while it may be beneficial to have former executive board members leading a program review process, for them to be compensated as student leaders is generous in light of recent events.

The goods news is that the controversy should be over, and the former Student Congress leaders can now focus on rebuilding the reputation of the organization.

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