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ArtPrize Takes over GRCC


Students and staff looking to check out city-wide ArtPrize installations can start by visiting the on-campus venues.

Grand Rapids Community College is hosting about 30 artists entries just from students and faculty alone. Artists’ work can be viewed at the Paul Collins Art Gallery on the fourth floor of the Main Building located at 143 Bostwick Ave. and in the Spectrum Theater lobby at 160 Fountain St. NE. The Collins gallery is featuring artists that do not attend GRCC. All GRCC students and staff entries are being featured at Spectrum Theater.

The art director and coordinator of GRCC’s involvement in ArtPrize, Nick Antonakis, said upwards of a dozen students have been working grueling hours to be involved. About 15 more students and more than 30 faculty members are volunteering during the event.

Antonakis said that he enjoys the city’s involvement in such a “cultural and enriching opportunity to display art.”

“ArtPrize gives Grand Rapids flavor, and is quite a boost for our local economy,” he said, adding that it gives local restaurants and businesses traffic they would not have without ArtPrize.

Antonakis himself enters a piece in ArtPrize every year. This year, his entry is at Cathedral Square, 360 Division Ave.

Antonakis is working on a series called “Tour Bus to Athens.” This is an oil painting in 2-D and is  10 feet by 3.5 feet. His inspiration comes from past paintings he did called “The Amtrak to Chicago.”

Antonakis also enjoys getting out and viewing the work of others whenever he can, starting downtown and taking in a new piece whenever he has free time.

On Oct. 7, he said he will be hosting a panel during which students, faculty and other artists will have some of their pieces reviewed.

Two exhibits from art prize.



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