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Act put into effect stating Student Congress parliamentarian succeeds vice president


A new act outlining the succession of vacated offices has been put into effect for the Grand Rapids Community College Student Congress following the recent recall of the organization’s vice president.

The Succession Act, written in part by Parliamentarian Ross L. Pike, is what has been referred to concerning the vacant position of vice president, formerly held by Jeffrey Noel until he was recalled on September 2.

Though the act was passed by the executive board the same day as Noel’s recall, Sara Dorer, the incoming Student Congress adviser, did not recognize it earlier this week, but has since reviewed and approved it.

It states the parliamentarian should “temporarily assume the office and responsibilities” of the vice president.

However, in the executive board meeting yesterday, Pike requested that the position be left vacant until there is an outcome to the grievance case, a hearing Noel filed for that will involve a committee that decides whether or not to reinstate Noel as vice president.

“I personally felt that it would be best not only for the student situation but also the organization that I do not accept,” Pike said. “The organization backed me in that decision.”

As for what will happen if Noel is not reinstated, Pike is considering running for vice president in a special election.

“Nothing’s ever out of the question” Pike said. “I’ve already had students ask me if I would be willing.”

Dorer previously stated that Student Life Director Eric Mullen would be part of the grievance committee, but clarified that the committee will be headed by Dean of Student Affairs Tina Hoxie and will also consist of two faculty or staff members and two students yet to be appointed by Hoxie.

A hearing is expected to be set next week, with a decision to be announced within 10 days of the hearing.



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