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Student Congress Vice President recalled


Jeffery Noel, Grand Rapids Community College Student Congress Vice President, was recalled from his position yesterday and has filed a grievance to appeal his case.

“We reviewed the constitution and bylaws,” said Sara Dorer, who is slated to take over as adviser of Student Congress in October. “We determined the recall as executed was legitimate.”

Noel is becoming increasingly frustrated with the choice of the executive board to recall.

“It’s discouraging for me because I have to keep fighting for my position,” Noel said. “I worked really hard to get that position. The students of GRCC chose me because they thought I was qualified for it.”

Dorer made the review and decision with Eric Mullen, Director of Student Life and adviser of Student Congress until October.

The grievance process is similar to a hearing, during which Noel, along with opposing parties, will plead their cases to a committee of five people led by Tina Hoxie, Dean of Student Affairs. Once the parties are heard, the committee will vote to keep Noel in his position as vice president or to allow the recall to take effect.

If the committee agrees with Noel’s recall, the constitution states the communications director will serve as interim vice president until a special election for a new vice president.

The committee will consist of Hoxie, Mullen, and two students and a faculty or staff member appointed by Hoxie.

Hoxie could not be reached for comment.

The review began when Dorer, who is new to the process, decided she needed to know more about regulations concerning a petition and vote made by the executive board to recall Noel. Now that Dorer has made a decision, Noel is just waiting for the grievance hearing, which should take place within five days.

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