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GRCC launches program to help students know which classes they need for a degree


Grand Rapids Community College will launch the new software “My Degree Path” that will allow students to track all courses they have completed, are taking, or still need to earn a degree.

“We are super excited,” said Erin Busscher, the GRCC transfer and articulation coordinator. “Our top four transfer schools all use this software–GVSU, Ferris, Western and Davenport–so not only will it help out the students here, but it will get them ready when they transfer to another school.”

Students will have access to “My Degree Path” through the Online Student Center.  The program will show a green check mark by classes a student has completed, a blue tilde by the classes in progress and a red box that shows classes needed but not taken.

Another feature “My Degree Path” has is the “What If” button.  If a student wants to switch majors, he/she can click this button, and it will show what classes they have already taken that can be used toward the new major and what else they would have to take. This keeps the students from needing to ask a counselor these questions.

“My Degree Path should not replace the advisers,” said Busscher. “It is just a tool to help the students see what the advisers see. We do not want the students thinking they can advise themselves.”

Students are still recommended to see a counselor or adviser at least once or twice a year.  The counselors and advisers will also be using this program to help the students become more familiar with the software.

“I think the program speaks for itself,” said Busscher.  “We have big dreams for the program, but our main focus right now is getting the information out to the students.”

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