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Police Reports 9/19-10/03


Larceny 9/19/2012

A male student parked his bike and did not secure it with a lock. When he returned from class, his bike was missing. No suspects.

Trespassing 9/26/12

Officers responded to a report of two male students being disruptive in the Main Building. The males were being loud and talking about being “high.”

Trespassing 9/29/12

Police responded to an incident at the Ford Fieldhouse where A man climbed up on the roof. When asked by police why he climbed to the roof, he said he was curious. He was given a verbal warning.

Damage to Property 10/03/12

Graffiti was found painted on a cement block on level five of the Ransom Street parking ramp. A yellow light bulb was painted using a stencil. No suspects.

Trespassing 10/03/12

Police responded to a report of a homeless individual sleeping in the College Park Plaza staff ramp. He was given a verbal warning for trespassing.

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