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PDA: Who’s watching you?


Get a room… or shall I say a hallway?

Whether you are at school, in a mall, or at a restaurant, the sight of people making out with their boyfriends or girlfriends is not pleasant, and that image doesn’t magically disappear from our minds.

These public places are family oriented. They aren’t private, so those people are making others around them very uncomfortable. It is also inappropriate, unprofessional and obnoxious.

I recently walked out of my psychology class and BAM! Right there in front of me was a guy and a girl making out with each other. The only ones who weren’t offended by that situation were the ones involved.

Hand holding, putting an arm around your significant other and a quick peck on the cheek or even the lips is totally OK for the public to see. But if tonsil hockey begins, we have a problem.

Let’s just say some things are better off left in the bedroom.

In my opinion, the only people who have the right to exhibit public displays of affection are the elderly, and for two reasons: 1) Old people are super cute, and 2) They might have forgotten where they are.

So here are my three options for people who enjoy the excitement of public romance: 1) If you’re in the mood to play tonsil hockey, find a closet or a secret place,preferably with a door that locks. 2) If you want to get frisky in public, be prepared to get embarrassed when confronted by other observers. 3) You could just not do it at all.

Now, here is some advice for people who are trying to break their PDA habit.

The next time you go out in public you could go with a group of people instead of just the two of you, or you could always picture your parents right there with you, and then you would hopefully realize that if your parents don’t like watching you make out with your significant other, neither would the public.

So on behalf of all the other onlookers who are shy about speaking out on where they stand with this issue, I will gladly speak for them.

Be courteous about how you handle your feelings or sexual urges. You never know who’s watching.


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