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Since when is Elmo sexy?


As I started my yearly stroll through Halloween stores, I saw costumes of all sorts, from magical Disney princesses and sassy pirates to epic Lord of the Rings and Star Wars characters.

I started browsing the male section and found nothing other than I what I would expect: keen and comical attire with good quality material and flashy designs. Making my way to the female section, I start noticing something completely retrograde: skimpy costumes made with cheap material.

This is the selection for the female version of the Elmo costume.

An Elmo costume in the male section (adult and child) is covered in red fur and looks like Elmo, as one would expect. Yet, on the female side, the costume is a plain red dress with a hat that has Elmo’s face on it. Woopie!

I take Halloween pretty seriously. It’s a fun holiday to dress up however  you want. If someone is going to be anything, they should at least get the quality they are paying for, and sometimes that price can be high.

I compared women’s “uniform” costumes to men’s, and it seems that Halloween portrays female cops, sailors, firefighters, etc.  with a bit less clothing than some would like to imagine. Fighting those flames in a “whoreish” outfit, no pants included, might prove to be difficult.

I make my own costumes through sewing and pure luck from ideas I get on the internet because of the lack of equality between men’s and women’s costumes.

Unless you are a female who wants to be a “Sexy Princess Peach,” which totally ruins the video game character, then go ahead and pay for a skimpy pink dress (not even the correct color) that rises past the thighs and has no coverage if you know what I mean.

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