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Skubick breaks down politics for students


Tim Skubick, an independent anchor of the show “Off the Record,” engaged the audience whether they wanted to or not as he moved from the stage to the back of room where the majority of students sat.

Skubick meant business when it came to keeping the audience aware of the issues in this year’s election. He tested a student’s knowledge by asking who the best pitcher was from the Detroit Tigers baseball team. “Verlander,” the student said. Skubick followed the question with who the Secretary of State was. No response from anyone, until moments later, one person knew. Skubick recommended going to the Citizen’s Research Council of Michigan before voting because Skubick found the website to be reliable and objective.

“If you don’t go to this site, then don’t vote,” Skubick said.

Skubick defined the term “political leadership” as doing what you need to do without worrying about the next election.

Skubick continued to quiz students about how many proposals there were to what each proposal was about. No struggles for those. Skubick encouraged students to look at all points of view when coming down to voting, watching each O’Reilly, Hannity, and Rachel Maddow.

He said the politicians’ priorities are: 1. Getting elected and 2. Doing the public well. Skubick said the problem is that these priorities have swapped over the years.

To view Skubick’s blog, click here.

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