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Collegiate reporter attends Youmacon Anime Convention


I knew what to expect when I walked through the doors to Youmacon, but it still managed to excite me from the start. It was like walking into a new world, where fictional characters become real and special friendships are formed. From start to finish, there was something to keep me entertained.
Youmacon, an anime convention in Detroit, is held every year in the first weekend of November in the Renaissance Center and Cobo Hall. While originally intended for fans of anime and manga (Japanese cartoons and comics), it’s not limited to that. Fans of anything are welcome: comics, films, books, video games, you name it and it will be there.
After the initial awe wore off, I was ready to join everyone else and get into the swing of con life. There really is something for everyone there. Most go for the cosplaying, or dressing up as your favorite characters from whatever you want. You can’t walk five feet without seeing superheroes, magical girls, and so much more. There are photoshoots and gatherings to meet other people in your fandoms.
If cosplaying isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other things to do. There are panels to teach you about fandoms or to just hang out and play games. For gamers, there is the game room, where all kinds of video games are played. Every year, voice actors show up to meet fans, and bands perform. Anyone looking for anime and cosplay merchandise can check the dealer’s hall. There’s also a rave and the cosplay contest.
Friday is usually a relaxed day, when most arrive to the con. Then you have a chance to see what everyone is cosplaying. This year, I noticed Marvel cosplays were popular, most likely due to the movies that were coming out. There was also an abundance of characters from the webcomic “Homestuck” and from the anime “Hetalia, Durarara, and Soul Eater.”
After that, like most cons, Youmacon followed a schedule of Saturday being when most of the events and really showy cosplays happen, and then everything wrapping up on Sunday. This is usually when people exchange contact information, forming a community that stretches beyond con life.
If you’re interested in getting into anime and manga, the anime club at GRCC can help. The club meets Thursdays from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Calkins Science Center. Or if clubs aren’t your thing, a quick Google search will bring up what’s popular right now, and all you’ll have to do is look for anything that interests you. There are countless genres of anime and manga, so no one should be left out.
For those who missed Youmacon this year but would like to go to a con, there are others held in Michigan. There is Shuto Con, happening this April in Lansing, which is more focused on cosplay. For a more local con, there’s Jafax, which is a free, smaller con in mid-June at Grand Valley.

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