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To vote or not to vote: Why I say ‘No’


We’re into November, and the presidential election is finally over. This was the first time I was able to vote, and I chose not to.

I am not saying that I won’t ever vote. I will; it’s just I didn’t feel comfortable choosing between the two candidates for many reasons.

One reason was I did not keep up with all the debates and campaigns, so I didn’t know what the candidates stood for.

And as far as I saw, the candidates chose to run TV ads that knocked down their opponents.

How am I supposed to choose between them if they are criticizing what the other believes? It’s kind of like a couple of kids fighting over a toy. Instead, it’s our government fighting over our country.

Another reason is there is not one possible way a person can get what he wants or needs done in a matter of four to eight years.

After four years, there is another presidential election, and all the plans that the last president intended to accomplish will either be changed a little bit or completely, depending on who wins.

I’m not that into politics, so it is very hard for me to pay attention to these proposals and comprehend them. If it’s hard for me to understand them, it is probably hard for a lot of other Americans. If our country has an average fifth grade reading level, according to the way newspapers are written, then why is it that these proposals are all written in legalese? Isn’t it better not to vote than to go to the polls completely clueless and fill in random ovals?

Our world is changing, and we do not know what the government will be like in 50-60 years, but what I do know is if the Democrats and Republicans do not get along sometime soon, we could end up being at war with ourselves.

Aren’t we all Americans? We are supposed to live in the dream country. That is why people immigrated, right? They traveled all this way to become American citizens just to find out that we are divided into to three groups: the Democrats, Republicans and the in between people who have to wait until the next presidential election to see which candidate sways their votes.

My final reason for not voting this year is that it is way too much pressure on some young adults like me to choose who we want to lead our country. We basically just graduated from high school, so a lot of us barely know anything about the government. With those proposals and campaigns, the only way some of us are capable of choosing who we want for president of our country is if they are born to parents who are Republican or Democrat.

I know that there are a ton of people who think I’m crazy for not voting, and they might be right, but it was my choice not to vote. I’m not going to complain about who wins and who doesn’t only because I did not vote.

I am not the only one who didn’t vote. There are others in this world that are completely against the government, and for them, not voting is a rebellion. For me, it is a matter of not knowing who to vote for or why should I vote at all.

I know that there are women who fought for their right to vote, and because I chose not to, it may be disgracing everything these women believed in. But I have my reasons why I didn’t vote, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be alive through the next election. I know by then I will be old enough to know what I’d like to see happen in our country, and maybe then I’ll vote.

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