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To vote or not to vote: Why I say ‘Yes’


I have an opinion. I have a voice. I have a right to make a choice, and I have exercised my right to vote. This is how I can make an impact to see changes I want and think will most benefit me and the citizens of America.

Years ago, many women and ethnic minorities didn’t have the right to vote and their voices were silenced. The government didn’t want to know what they  thought and didn’t care. After wars and movements, everyone’s voice is able to be heard today. It is a privilege our ancestors gave us for their sacrifices and now a responsibility. Our country was built to let the people make the decisions. The system is in place so we can grow and change it for the better.

I hear so many people complain about what the government officials are doing or aren’t doing, but they do nothing about it. If you aren’t happy with how the elections and the proposals turn out but you didn’t vote, DON’T COMPLAIN. You have the chance and choice to have your opinions heard by voting. When you don’t exercise that right, then you also give up the right to complain when things don’t go the way you wanted.

If you didn’t vote in last week’s election because you didn’t understand all of the things you were able to vote for, it is okay, but it is not an excuse not to vote. There are resources out there that you can educate yourself with. You can walk in and vote for one thing on the ballot that you know about or are passionate about and leave the rest blank. At least you are taking a stance.

It isn’t just about two plus parties fighting to win. In last week’s election, you didn’t have to vote a straight ballot. The people involved in politics of the government during the election may seem to be fighting like dogs because of all of the commercials, calls and debates. Don’t become apathetic because of it. In the end, they all want the same result: what is best for the people of America.

The proposals that come up in persistent commercials can change our constitution and our rights; it’s not something to ignore. Although they can be difficult to understand, there are breakdowns of them available online. Not voting means you have no control over what happens to your rights and you have to live with what the majority of people have decided for you.

Our country has come a long way from its past. Our rights were given to most of us when we were born; we didn’t have to fight and sacrifice for them. Don’t take them for granted. Your voice is important and one voice and one vote can make a difference. The polls were open for 13 hours for individuals to make the choice to use their voice. No matter how the next four years turn out, at least I know that my opinion, my voice and my vote counted.

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