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Actors’ Theatre presents Broadway play “Steady Rain”


Actors’ Theatre will present the Broadway play “Steady Rain” today through Feb. 2.

The two-man drama, written by Keith Huff and directed by Jeralyn Pinsky, is about Chicago-based police officers Denny and Joey and the many internal struggles they face as street cops and lifelong best friends in a city ridden with violence and drug use. The men struggle without success to separate themselves from the horrors they encounter, something that threatens their friendship and tears at their sanity.

“I loved the characters and the challenge of doing a police story that’s real, because the stuff you see on television doesn’t talk about the personal lives of law enforcement officers,” Pinsky said. “We had a policeman who was our adviser, and he verified everything in the play as being dead on, absolutely right.”

Todd Lewis, who is playing the role of Denny, was absolutely committed to the play when he auditioned.

“I read the script, and there was just no doubt. I had to audition for this thing,” Lewis said. “The odd thing is…I felt both characters…I loved the journey that both of them took, separately and together.”

Jim Cantrell, playing the role of Joey, said he’s interested in how the audience will react to the changes throughout the story.

“It’s very much a buddy (show),” Cantrell said. “…And then it transitions, and it covers the full gamut—everything from racism to sexual indiscretion to cheating on your wife to abusing your kids. I’m really curious to see what the audience thinks.”

Pinsky said casting for the play was not a difficult task.

“I knew they were perfect. And the chemistry was wonderful…They opened their mouths, and that was it,” Pinsky said. “I wanted them. I wanted them.”

The reason for the strong chemistry could be because they are best friends in real life.

“Steady Rain” will play today through Saturday and Jan. 31 to Feb. 2, all performances beginning at 8 p.m. The length will be 1 hour, 35 minutes with no intermission.

The performaces will take place at the GRCC Spectrum Theater located at 160 Fountain St. NE in Grand Rapids.

Tickets are $24 for adults, $25 for students and seniors, and $10 rush tickets will be available one hour before the performance. Tickets can be purchased here or at the GRCC Spectrum Theater box office.



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