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Parking 101 – The first lesson some students learn at GRCC (Video)


Students commuting to Grand Rapids Community College this fall arrived to a headache before they even walked in the door if they didn’t plan ahead. The line to park at GRCC’s main parking ramp was backed up for hours the first day of classes and the wait time averaging about 45 minutes on Monday. The long wait made some students late for their first day of classes.

“It’s kind of a pain but I guess I’m used to it by now. I got here early enough so I should still make it to class on time.” says Ben Mullen, a GRCC Junior. Students weren’t the only ones waiting in line. The Collegiate spotted some of GRCC’s custodial staff stuck in line to park. “It doesn’t matter what time I leave to come in, I hit this constant.” said Kim Miller.

GRCC Police Sgt. Jesse Heard said he was impressed with the way students handled the extra traffic to park. “Parking has been good, everything has been running smooth,” Heard said. “Students seem to find their parking spots easily. Everything has just been running smooth,”  Heard urged students to put their cellphones, GPS’s and other electronic devices down and pay attention to the road and other surroundings.

Using the Grand Rapids city bus system “The Rapid” or the Downtown Area Shuttle (known as DASH) are a couple alternatives to driving and parking on campus. If you do decide to drive, be sure you give yourself plenty of time before your class starts.

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