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ArtPrize artist profile: Timothy Jones

Photo by Carla Villasana-Acosta

Photo by Carla Villasana-AcostaGarden Illusions


Venue: Calder Plaza

Artist: Timothy Jones

Age: 52

From: Jackson, Mich.

What was your inspiration? 

“I like to tinker (with) things, experiment, and create something new. I was also challenged; People telling me that I can’t do it inspired me to complete it.”

How long did it take to create your entry?

“It took five months. I worked four days a week during four months and seven days a week during one month.”

What was the most challenging part? 

“Believing in yourself when everyone else tells you to stop.”

How are people responding to your artwork?

“Positively. People love the color and motion. They give me ideas to improve the work

and emotional support.”

What would you do with the money if you win? 

“I’d pay off student loans.”

By Carla Villasana-Acosta


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