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GRCC students “dunk” president for charity


Today Grand Rapids Community College students and staff had a unique opportunity to “dunk” the president. GRCC President Steven Ender.

Ender climbed into a dunk tank this afternoon as a part of the Welcome Week festivities on the Dr. Juan Olivarez Student Plaza formerly known as Bostwick Commons.

Those who stepped up to take a shot at the target were asked to make donations to the United Way Campaign and the president committed to matching each contribution up to $1,000.

Talina Buchanan was was among those with good aim. “All of the sudden it hit the arm and then he went down. When I blinked, he was in the water and I was like, ‘I dunked the president!’”

George Boulos hit the target on the first try. “I feel bad for him,” Boulos said. “I don’t even know him but it still felt really good.”

Armed with a squirt gun, Ender squirted Boulos as he threw the ball. “It felt good, it’s hot out, so I didn’t really mind it.”

“Him participating in his event shows that he is able to enjoy himself around students, as well as put money towards charity,” said Anne Vanderson, GRCC sophomore. “It shows a better side of him.”

The dunk tank wasn’t the only event happening Thursday during welcome week. Inflatable football and basketball hoops were available for students to practice their skills and free hot dogs were distributed on the plaza.

Collegiate writer Madeline McMahon contributed to this report.

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