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ArtPrize artist profile: Anni Crouter (Top 10)

Photo by Jacquelyn Zeman
Photo by Jacquelyn Zeman
Anni Crouter and her paintings entitled Polar Expressed

Polar Expressed

Acrylic paint

Venue: Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

Artist: Anni Crouter

Age: 49

From: Flint MI

What was her inspiration?

Anni Crouter loves wildlife and polar bears, and she thought large paintings of these would show all the detail in them.

How long did it take to create her entry?

Seven months

What was the most challenging part?

Getting the colors all synched together.

How are people responding to her artwork?

Everyone loves them, overall a great response.

What would she do with the money if you win?

She would build a new, bigger studio in Traverse City, where she is moving soon.

By Jacquelyn Zeman

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