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ArtPrize artist profile: Kate Askegaard

Photo by Jacquelyn Zeman
Photo by Jacquelyn Zeman
Kate Askegaard with her work entitled A Battle Cry: It’s Time to Move Mountains

A Battle Cry: It’s Time To Move Mountains

Ink and paper

Venue: Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

Artist: Kate Askegaard

Age: 32

Home City: Dixon, Illinois

What was her inspiration for the piece?

She loves Michelangelo, and loves the character of David.

 How long did it take to create your entry?

350 hours.

What was the hardest part about creating her entry?

The hair was very complicated. There was a lot of coordination that went into what pieces were going under, and what pieces were going over.

How are people responding to her artwork?

Everyone loves it, they all want to look at it up close to observe the dots.

 What would she do with the money if she won?

She would take her family to see the real David.

By Jacquelyn Zeman

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