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GRCC Fitness Club helps stave off the dreaded ‘freshman 15’


By Teresa Russo

Grand Rapids Community College student Marc Lehman may be an average guy when it comes to being a student, but what makes him above average is his drive to run, stay fit and eat healthy. He has been running since high school and loves to be around people who share his interest in staying fit. As a result, Lehman is starting a club, called The Fitness Club, for students who are in need of motivation to work out. Lehman’s hope is to connect students on campus who are searching for workout partners. Along with staying in shape, Lehman sees this as a way for students to meet others who share the same interests. Because more students may want to make time for working out (using our state-of-the-art athletic facilities offered by The Raiders Card, mind you) Lehman said there may be a rise in the use of Ford Fieldhouse, adding “that would be a good problem to have.”

Heath Lynch in the fitness area of the Ford Fieldhouse.
Heath Lynch in the fitness area of the Ford Fieldhouse.

Ensuring an environment of inclusion, Lehman encourages all types of exercise in his vision to create a community of healthy and fit students. Club activities include weight lifting, basketball, walking and running with partners, and even golf. This club is aimed at working together and forming a community of students that love to work out, stay fit, and be healthy.

Lehman believes students who work out together are better equipped to stay motivated and make living a healthy life a daily routine. Working out alone can have it’s perks, but working out as a team has proven to be essential in forming strong bonds that will not only benefit students in the gym, but in the classroom as well.

Many students do not have the opportunity to play sports in college, but Lehman is offering the opportunity to be part of a program that provides all the benefits of being part of a team. One of the major changes students face is the reduced level of physical activity from high school to college. The “freshman 15” has become accepted on college campuses, but Lehman points out that not only does it not have to be that way, it shouldn’t be that way. The new freedom that college offers unfortunately sometimes results in students deciding to drop their fitness routine. Lehman is offering students the choice to either begin a fitness program, or continue the healthy lifestyle they started when they participated in organized athletics.

Many GRCC students like sophomore Michaela Irving agree that, “This would be a great opportunity to workout and have fun with friends at the same time, I really hope that this club can start soon because I would love to join!” With dedicated support from the students, the fitness club will be a reality as soon as possible.

“I am dedicated to healthy living and with a little bit of effort, our fellow students can be, too,” Lehman said. “Hopefully this club will end up becoming not only a real source of physical fitness, but a place where students can form strong relationships, as well.”

If you are a student who keeps putting off your goal of getting fit and staying healthy, Lehman is offering you the opportunity to start from the beginning of living a healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle that can start right away.

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