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GRCC Police Reports – Trespassing, larceny, and another stolen bike



A student’s bicycle was stolen on the North East corner of the Calkins Science Building. The student rode his bike to school, locked the bike at the bike rack using a cable cord with a multiple dial lock. Upon returning, the student noticed his bike and the entire lock system was taken. The teal Trek 21 speed mountain bike has not been found.


While patrolling, an officer encountered a suspect in the men’s room in Winchester Ally. The man was washing in the sink when the officer noticed him. The suspect has had previous encounters and unwritten verbal warnings concerning college policy for being on campus. While in the process of collecting his belongings, the suspect dropped a four inch lock blade knife. The knife was taken into custody by another officer who was assisting on the scene. The suspect was checked in LEIN; his record came back clean. The suspect however has had previous encounters, including a fight in Winchester Ally and unauthorized use of computers. The suspect was given a citation for trespassing and was given a warning. The next time he appears on campus he will be arrested.

Larceny-Theft from Building

A Grand Valley State University umbrella was stolen from the Language Arts lab on the fifth floor of Cook Hall. The victim believes the theft occurred on Sept. 4, 2013. Room 512-513 is occupied by students and staff throughout the day. The umbrella has yet to be found.

Disorderly Conduct

Male and female students were arguing on the third floor of the Student Center. Employees advised that the female student was trying to make an appointment with a counselor but was unhappy that she was not able to see someone right away. Employees did set the student up with an appointment later that day. The suspects were questioned by campus police. The male claimed that his fiancé was unhappy about him using a phone that his ex-girlfriend had given to him and that he also had contact with his ex-girlfriend. He also said his fiancé was having problems with financial aid at Grand Rapids Community College because her mother had been using her Social Security number at several different schools and she was unaware of this. The female suspect acknowledged her behavior was inappropriate and the couple was okay to remain on campus together. Campus Policed expressed that if they were called again, an arrested for disorderly conduct would be made.


Officers were dispatched to the south end of the Olivarez Student Plaza due to a reference that two people were sleeping behind the electrical/generator boxes. Once at the scene, officers found a male and female sleeping with several bags and food around them. The officers woke them up and ran them in the LEIN; they found the female had a warrant for her arrest. Her warrant was filed by the Grand Rapids Police Department for failure to appear with a bond of $200. The male suspect claimed they normally stay at Degage or Mel Trotter, but they had been drinking and did not make it back in time. The male was given a warning for trespassing; it was later found that he had an incident two weeks prior for trespassing on campus. The next time he is found on campus an arrest will be made. The female suspect was arrested on the FTA warrant and given a verbal warning for trespassing.

By Lauren Winther

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