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GRCC alumni to appear on Real World


By Lauren Winther

Cory Wharton, formerly of GRCC’s football team, will appear on the Real World starting in January.

The MTV series ‘The Real World” will air its 29th season this upcoming January with a new twist, the seven strangers who are picked to live in a house will be surprised to learn their ex’s will be joining them. Among the “seven strangers” is Cory Wharton, Grand Rapids native and former Grand Rapids Community College student.

Wharton, who attended GRCC for approximately two and half years, participated in the football program for a brief stint. Wharton described his GRCC experience as positive.

“It was a good experience. It was different because before I was at GRCC, I was at Ohio Dominican University,” said Wharton, 22.

The shift from University to Community College also went smoothly for Wharton.

“It’s back at home, so it was like I got to come back and see all my friends,” Wharton said.

After completing his classes at GRCC, Wharton packed up his belongs and headed to Los Angeles. Traveling from the Midwest to the West Coast was surprisingly an easy transition for the former Raider.

“It wasn’t exactly easy, it wasn’t like a piece of cake, but it was definitely easier than I thought it was going to be. (In LA) you have to get your car tested for smog and stuff like that, but the transition in general was definitly easier than I thought,” said Wharton.

After a month of living in LA, Wharton decided it was time for a change and took a leap of faith and auditioned for the popular MTV show, The Real World.

“I always watched the show as a kid. I always thought that those were like the cool kids, I just thought they were so mature and they had so much fun. I wanted to be a part of that,” Wharton said.

Although this season is unlike any other, with a new unprecedented twist involving the cast mates former ex’s, Wharton is confident this season will stand out from the rest.

The Real World is set to premier Jan. 8 2014

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