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Menna’s Joint opens soon in downtown Grand Rapids


By Zachary Watkins

Burrito and shake
Loaded dub from Menna’s Joint features meat, cheese, bacon, potatoes, ranch and sour cream.

Loaded Dub from Menna’s Joint features meat, cheese, bacon, potatoes, ranch and sour cream.

The popular college town eatery Menna’s Joint is coming to Grand Rapids.

The restaurant is expected to open in December at 44 Ionia Ave. SE. This will be the sixth location for the business that already operates five other Menna’s in East Lansing, Mount Pleasant, Kalamazoo and Allendale.

The Grand Rapids location is an eight minute walk, and less than one mile away from Grand Rapids Community College.

“I think that’s a really good location,” Allendale Menna’s Joint manager and GRCC student Adam Findley, 22, said. “It’s just far enough away from the Allendale Menna’s Joint.”

Menna’s Joint makes grilled wrapped sandwiches, referred to as “Dubs.”

“We like to call them ‘American style burritos,’” Findley said. “The wraps are loaded with cheese, meat and potatoes. The most popular ‘dub’ is the ‘loaded dub.’”

The loaded dub, priced at $6.25, is a combination of bacon, cheddar, mozzarella, potatoes, ranch and sour cream.

Despite the nearest location being Allendale, GRCC students have still found their way to Menna’s Joint.

“Their ‘dubs’ are very good,” Brandon Jansen, 21, of Coopersville said. “They’re really big, and they have a lot of options. My favorite is the ‘loaded dub.’”

Menna’s is decorated with music and movie posters. They also have flat screen televisions for those who want to keep up with the news and sports world.

Jansen believes the new location will be convenient for students.

“I’ll be able to go there in between classes, and when I want lunch,” Jansen said. “Being 21, and with Menna’s Joint being built on Ionia, I’ll be able to grab a bite to eat after being out at the bar.”

Menna’s Joint has over 20 ‘dubs’ on the menu, but guests can also get a bowl of soup or a salad.

‘Dubs’ range in price from $5 to $8.75. According to the menu, the delivery service is open “Mid-morning to damn near all night.” People can get their ‘dubs’ anytime.

“Its just a real laid-back environment,” Findley said, noting that Menna’s a popular place to hangout on weekends.

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