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Dessert Wars sates Grand Rapids’ sweet tooth

Photo by Clare Kolenda
A cake by Paris Café & Desserts, who won the people’s choice vote.

By Clare Kolenda

Chocolate lovers, people with a sweet tooth, and dessert connoisseurs came together last week for Dessert Wars, a fundraiser that benefits Kids Food Basket here in West Michigan.

The desserts really sold the show. It is estimated by event coordinators that over 1,500 people attended Thursday’s event, and not a single person was turned away, unlike last year where the venue was far too small to accommodate the numbers the event drew in.

Coordinators of the event, sponsored in part by 95.7 and the Amway Grand Plaza, said that the bigger ballroom made it much smoother, and they were able to allow every single person through the door.

Even with the larger ballroom, the room was packed as 15 vendors vied for the public’s votes. Big local names such as Twisted Rooster, Robinettes, even the Amyway featured pastries from their kitchens in this event.

Twisted Rooster presented their whimsical “Whoopie Sliders” a combination that attracted both adults and children with its dense chocolate cake, marshmallow cream, sprinkles, and even bacon bits adding to the concoction. By the end of the night they had run out of their unique treats.

Donuts by Clare Kolenda
Maple Bacon and Pumpkin Spice doughnuts by Robinettes.

Robinettes continued with the bacon theme and presented their own creation, Maple Bacon doughnut, which had previously won in the BaCon Event this past November. The salty and crispy bacon is sprinkled on top provides the perfect contrast to the sweet maple icing that stuck to your fingers and lingered on your tastes buds. Along with this treat, Robinettes featured several different flavors including their famous Pumpkin Spice doughnut.

Grand Rapids Community College Secchia Culinary Arts Institute also participated, featuring seafoam candy.

GRCC culinary arts student John Mattias III, who is graduating the program this spring, said, “(Seafoam Candy) is simple, but it has to be the right temperature.”

The temperature was perfect so it seemed, as they featured hundreds of both dark and milk chocolate seafoam pieces that melted in your mouth.

This event was family friendly, and was enjoyed by people of all ages.  It was not uncommon to see an elderly grandparent enjoying a freshly made cupcake right alongside toddlers munching on a colorfully sprinkled doughnut. Local radio station 95.7 provided the music for the event, featuring the latest radio hits that set the scene for a fun and laid-back atmosphere.

“(Dessert Wars) opens your eyes to new places,” said Kelly Robertson, former Grand Valley State University student and two time Dessert War attendee.

Photo by Sarah Davis
A chocolate hazelnut torte by Paris Café & Desserts.

This was especially true for Paris Café & Desserts, the winners of the people’s choice vote. The Café is located at 2950 28th St. SE, and was especially excited to spread the word about their European inspired desserts such as Baklava and Tiramisu.

The event is so popular though, says Katie Missman, one of the registration coordinators of the event, “because people like giving back to the community.”

With a portion of the proceeds going to help Kids Food Basket and satisfied sugar cravings across the room, the night ended on a rather sweet note.

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