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Theoretical physicist Ronald Mallett explains how time travel is possible

Photo by Chris Powers
Physicist Ronald Mallett explaining how scientists were able to detect black holes.

By Joshua Vissers

Professor of physics and author Ronald Mallett explained the theoretical physics behind time travel last night to nearly 200 people at Grand Rapids Community College, as part of the Diversity Lecture Series.

Mallett lost his father, whom he idolized, to a massive heart attack when he was 10 years old.

“I read a story in a book that changed my life at the age of 11,” he said, referring to H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine”, which inspired him to pursue time travel to reunite with his father.

Since then he’s earned his doctorate in physics from Pennsylvania State University and published several papers and a book about his his theories of how going back in time may very well be possible.

Courtesy Photo
Professor Ronald Mallett

“You can use light to effect time,” he said, after explaining the basics of Einstein’s theories of relativity, which explains the relationship between light, gravity and speed of movement.

His proposed method of time travel uses intense lasers to bend the fabric of space and time, making it into a loop which is possible to travel back in time through.

A quick video explaining the concept can be found here. He’s also written a book entitled “Time Traveler”, which is a mix between an explanation of his theories and a memoir.

“I thought he took a real complex subject and made it digestible,” said Eric Williams, Director of Equity Affairs at GRCC.

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