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Don’t let the ‘Winter blues’ get in the way of your Spring Break


By Jacquelyn Zeman

Don’t let Grand Rapids’ terrible weather keep you and your friends from having a great Spring Break. Grand Rapids Community College goes on Spring Break from March 3 – 7. Including weekends, that is nine days of relaxation. So why not do something with your time besides catching up on sleep, watching Netflix, or picking up extra shifts at work?

Even though there is usually snow still falling during GRCC’s spring break each year, there are still great ways to take advantage of being stuck in a snow globe. Here is The Collegiate’s Guide to Spring Break.

Metro Detroit

If you want to stay in Michigan, but you want to get out of Grand Rapids for a few days, go check out Metro Detroit. Don’t let Detroit’s reputation scare you away from making a trip across the state. There is a lively art scene in Detroit. The Detroit Institute of Arts and Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit are both very popular and make a great day trip.

The Red Wings are also based out of Detroit, and they have games, March 6 and 7, happening over break at Joe Louis Arena.

You can walk around on Campus Martius, which is like Detroit’s “Times Square.” In this area there are lots of places to dine. There are also tours offered, including ones that allow you to see “the fabulous ruins of Detroit”- which takes you through old historical abandoned buildings within the city.

Skiing and snowboarding

Popular places vary due to experience needed to navigate the slopes, and how far they are from Grand Rapids.

Cannonsburg Ski Area is the closest at approximately 20 minutes north from GR. Lift tickets are $28 to $35, and rentals are $18 to $22.

Boyne Mountain Resort, one of Michigan’s hardest and largest skiing resorts. Boyne is two and a half hours away. Lift tickets are approximately $95 per day, and rentals are $42.


If you really want to get out of the state and experience city life that is different than Grand Rapids, taking the train to Chicago might be just the thing for you. The Amtrak from Grand Rapids to Chicago costs approximately $30 to $70 round trip, depending on what day you go, and where you decide to sit on the Amtrak. Hotels in Chicago can vary in cost, but two nights in a typical hotel there can cost around $200. If you go with friends, you can split the cost.

Chicago is known for its Polish town. There are many places that you can shop for Polish food and dine in the town.

There are always all different kinds of shows, both music and theater going on every day of the week. On March 1 and 2 “The Phantom of the Opera” will be at the Cadillac Palace Theatre, and “Chicago- The Musical” will be at the Bank of America Theater.

Shopping is on the “Magnificent Mile,” which is located on Michigan Avenue. There are tons of great places to enjoy the architecture in Chicago, including the popular Bean and Frank Lloyd Wright tours.

Some of the most popular tourism attractions include Shedd Aquarium, many museums and zoos. The most popular include the, the Natural History Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Gilmore Car Museum. Popular zoos include the Brookfield Zoo and the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is free.

There is no trip to Chicago without eating deep-dish pizza, taking a trip to the top of the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower), or visiting Millennium Park.

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